Update on Wrangler Took him to the vet because we found a cut on his leg. While there we got a full eval and teeth done. Dr. Kelly found severe swelling and heat in his legs as well as stiffness, and diagnosed him with arthritis diagnosing him with arthritis. She also said he was definitely full ottb and probably did come off the track. She found a brand on him and is guessing that he went from straight racing to roping because of the way I told her he acts when getting ridden. She said he’s probably in a good bit of pain with the arthritis and that he needs to be ridden little to none to keep him pain free. She then started on his teeth and had to heavily drug him to even start. She started working on his teeth and found that his front teeth are completely gone and he hasn’t had teeth don’t in a very very long time. With his front teeth being gone that means he can’t graze because he can’t bite the grass. She also found that with the condition his teeth were in that he was most likely not 17 but way way older. We don’t know his age but he’s not 17. She looked at the bill of sale and coggins and said he was definitely being sold for meat by his pricing being based on weight. She also noticed that the pictures they used on the sale and the markings on the coggins were incorrect. And that he had not gotten vaccines like the barn my aunt rescued him from had said. So he got all his vaccines done and she worked on his foot. She cleaned it and wrapped it with medicine. And gave him an antibiotic to preven infection. He will be on stall rest for a month with his foot wrapped up. I’m honestly in tears for this poor horse and I’m ashamed that someone could actually treat an animal the way that he’s obviously been treated. Anyone who treats animals like this are honestly terrible. He’ll be taken care of here for the rest of his life he’s not going anywhere.

Posted by Deleted (0bca6bc2) at 2022-03-23 04:53:35 UTC