My name is Summer Hutson! I am 25 and have been riding since I was 6! I have a 5 year old daughter, 2 horses, a cat, and a dog! I have been barrel racing and training horses for over 10 years! I started jumping to aid in building muscles for barrel racing! I’ve worked for cutting horse trainers, English trainers, barrel horse trainers, race horse trainers, ranchers and rehabilitation center! I love to learn, I’m certified equine sports massage, Equi-Tape practitioner, and Summit animal health rep, and draw it our dealer! My goal is to be certified equine behaviorist in the next year or 2! I’ve started developing my own training methods watching behavior, positive reinforcement, and low stress negative reinforcement! I have had both my horses since they were weaned and I’ve done all their training! I love to help people and their horses!

Posted by Deleted (53e0b2b2) at 2022-09-05 15:50:15 UTC