Hi everyone! We're upgrading the app to help members find their way around Stall High... Since we added the *NEW* Mentorship Program where you can Pick Your Pro to join a live Coaching session 1X per week, or become an Interactive Member to get help with your horse 5X/week, we realized that something very important is happening inside our community.. the MENTAL HEALTH FOR HORSES MOVEMENT! Here's how you can help.. if you haven't already done so, please: UPDATE YOUR PROFILE to tell us more about yourself & your horse. Or you can simply CLICK THE LINK BELOW to complete this form. https://forms.gle/u6TYgr6uEKdziavp9 Thanks! If you have any questions, email info@stallhigh.com or TEXT us at (940) 291-9090.

Posted by Kendra at 2022-10-01 18:37:11 UTC