Been a long journey but he is starting to figure it out. This is our third shoot! First shoot he would stall up and not even have forward movement, all runs were over max time of 60 seconds. Second shoot he still got hung up a few times but at least trotted some and most were around 40 to 60 seconds Third Shoot- he was scared of the shadows from the arena fan a few times, otherwise we kept them all 20-30 seconds. Can’t wait til the next one! Goal is to be under 20 seconds on all of them :) #Godsglory #TeamDiO #drawitout #5starequine #smithequinevet #Believeinyourself #onespiffycougar #nasalstrips #bluebonnetfeeds #mountedshooting #mountedshootinghorseintraining

Posted by Deleted (85b3e3ff) at 2022-10-14 11:40:28 UTC