I live by that. One or two people in WSCA shows nick named me “smiley”. I am joyful, Joy is different than happiness. Happiness is a strong and intense feeling, but it’s temporary and shallow. Joyfulness is underlying and subtle, a deep feeling, and you can’t always tell it’s there. You find it in little tiny things, that don’t necessarily fit the definition of “happiness” but a simple feeling of content-ness in good times, and a feeling of knowing in the tough. “Happiness” has flooded the definition of joyfulness over time, and now to most it has the same meaning. But it just simply will never be the same thing to me, they feel like two completely different feelings, even if by definition they are almost the same. I can’t post things like this on YouTube no more… for some reasons I can’t disclose. My reason for this whole rant is because I been burnt out the past week or two. Not from social media- hell if anything it keeps me Going with people to talk to. And it’s Not from getting used two making Time for two horses Now either. And it’s hardly because of my three jobs. It’s because School has been awful and tiring lately. English assignments are getting to take a good three hours each and I have bout 5 a week. Plus, and not to mention, geometry and physics. But I’m not happy doing it, I’m joyful. I know it will eventually get better and if it doesn’t, I got nothing to lose really, just time. And what’s time if your not doing anything with it. If you stayed for all of that you must be bored out of your mind. I’m sorry for the rant but I had to say it somewhere and I don’t want people I know personally knowing, if you know what I mean.

Posted by Deleted (05890c36) at 2022-10-25 03:06:10 UTC