I got me a job In Wyoming next summer🤣 Story ⬇️ I got offered the same job this past Summer as well, but because of my age my parents didn’t think it was appropriate. The guy who offered is a family friend, and he offered again for me to go to his place in Wyoming to break colts and learn to ranch. I of course would love to!!!! I actually plan on moving to Wyoming once I can financially support that decision. The only conditions I have to meet by next summer are: having Ripley sold by the time I leave, Storm will need to be able to go with me, and ofc my parents approval which since I’m almost 16, I think i will get! But anyway I was just super excited for that, I mean it’s definitely an opportunity of a lifetime!

Posted by Deleted (05890c36) at 2022-11-05 01:56:48 UTC