Let’s talk about Discipline ! Discipline means to train one’s self to do something in a controlled and habitable way. Which means someone with discipline has the power to influence or direct their behavior. They can control their emotions and outrages. They have enough control to make the decision to get something done, or do it constantly to make it a habit even if they don’t want to. People will say one of the most important things when training horses is consistency. To be consistent is to be disciplined. Why is this so important? To be consistent means acting or doing in the same way over time, accurately, unchanging in nature. As humans we make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I see with trainers is not disciplining ourselves. Discipline improves consistency, consistency improves understanding, which strengthens the relationship. Things that you can do is work on things as small as feeding at the same times, work on your timing with cues and releases, plan out your exercises or rides, hold yourself accountable, and so much more! These things will help you and your horse work better as a team!

Posted by Deleted (53e0b2b2) at 2022-11-29 13:35:24 UTC