⚠️Long post warning⚠️ So proud of Penny and Jack! Penny worked all year for this but without Jack we wouldn’t have won it! So grateful to my family, Jack’s owner, and most of all my ponies! I remember that the beginning of the year I set this goal for myself and my amazing ponies and support team helped me achieve it! These ponies have done nothing but help me do what I have always wanted to do! I’m so grateful for this opportunity that God has given me to have two AMAZING ponies I’m my life! The amazing support I have coming from family and friends has been absolutely incredible! I could just ramble forever about it! Thank you family, friends, ponies, and God! #ridewithsheridan #penny #jack #barrelracing @KGV_Equestrian @Landri Henderson @mickieallen09 @Laura mae @Adrienne Alford @channing @Kinlee @Emmalee Touchet

Posted by Deleted (d9ac22fb) at 2021-12-05 18:37:43 UTC