————————-Introduction Post——————— Hi I’m Keira Grace Vandiver and I go by Keira or Grace!! I’m 15 almost 16 and I’ve been riding since 7/17/2014. I originally started as a dressage rider because I got scared of jumping. I rode this really bratty pony and he scared me from jumping. After a year of riding I eventually quit being scared and started eventing. I found I was really good with pony’s and helped my coach train the ponies. I eventually bought my own horse for eventing and we evented for about 3 years. He then got ulcers and couldn’t jump anymore so we joined 4H this year and switched completely to western. I’m training him for barrels and poles and my pony for the slower western classes. So happy that I’ve found my passion and can’t wait to see where I go in life and I’m riding! Thanks for reading❤️ —————————Follow My friends—————— @deletedmember @I cant barrel race ————————Follow My Socials——————— Tik Toks KG_Vandiver KGV_Equestrian2005 Instagrams kg_vandiver kgv_equestrian kgv_vandiver ———————————-Ignore——————————#kgv_equestrian #equestrian #horsesofstallhigh #introductions #barrelrace #eventer #8years #15 ————————————————————————

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