This horse I had give up on and just figured he was going to have to be a pasture ornament. We use to run at the pro level for a short time, he started very strong in rodeo and in the big barrel races he went into the 1d in the first 6 months that I had him at 4 years old. Then he got hurt pretty bad, and I spent thousands and years of trying to fix him. God always encouraged me to not give up on him, but eventually after about 4-5 years I gave up. I turned him out and let him be for a couple years I lightly worked him about 3x weekly just so he didn’t loose all his muscle. But God..... God still had a plan for him🙌. I started noticing he was really moving well and felt really good so back to work we went and here is his 6th run in probably a little over 2 years. #nevergiveup #Godisfaithful #rodeoforareason

Posted by shilohorse at 2021-12-06 00:43:36 UTC