You know the best thing to ride by “you’re never truly riding if you did not learn something new while making you & your horse better together!” Everyone has that one horse who there heart horse. This pass year was the hardest year for me and my stud. He had a very bad accident that he had to fight for his life, I sat with him for hours and hours. This horse was hurting but he was fighting to stay, the vet said “This horse loves you! He’s seem to be fighting for you” them words made me the happiest I’ve ever been. We took a year of recovery and making him better. Now we are back on our path to making our own story in the barrel racing journey. You love them horses the right way and they’ll love you 10 times more. My little buckskin stud gives me his all and I’ll always make sure he has everything he need and more. Mr. Blackburn 121 aka speed dial is one of the best horses I’ve ever had the honor of being around and owning ❤️

Posted by Deleted (da0f762f) at 2022-12-08 00:17:51 UTC