—————————He’s So Slick————————— Slick is a 10 year old Appaloosa X quarter horse. My first coach rescued him from a kill pen so I have no registration papers or any history on him from before that. We don’t know his parents at all or even his bloodline. She bought him and made him a lesson horse for kids and he was amazing at it. I started looking for a horse so I trained on him and bought him for eventing. We evented for 3-4 years together until we moved barns and he got gastric ulcers. They were so bad and we fight them for a year. When we finally got it managed he didn’t want to jump anymore because of his tummy being sensitive so we tried something new. I started riding western and quickly discovered he likes speed events. We are still learning and are no where near perfect but I know if we keep working hard we can be winners again! I’m so proud of how far he’s come and looking forward to my future with him! —————————Follow My friends—————— @deletedmember ———————————-Ignore—————————— #kgv_equestrian #lepordappaloosa #quarterhorse #rescue #workinprogress #hessoslick #barrelracing #englishtowestern

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