Okay so here’s a little story time abt something that happened to us on this trip So we were at the NFR the second to last night or 2 days ago and we were in the second row right behind the judges. So we were next to this nice old lady and her husband who had been going to the NFR since 1994. So my dad and here started having a conversation and she said “me and my husband have been coming here since 1994 and they were getting old.” She said “ we have these lifetime tickets that we get the same seats right here every year forever and for all ten days.” She said “ since we’re getting old we are looking to sell them or give them away.” She asked “ are you interested in buying them?” My dad said “ ofc we would love to buy them.” And he gave them his business card. And we haven’t heard back from them yet!

Posted by Milan at 2022-12-11 16:15:38 UTC