I just finished Matt's video and it definitely hit home for me. I've been in a long slump but do my best to stay optimistic. I've got a bunch of pink/ruby colts I've bred n raised to start riding next year so when he mentioned having a "team" it described what I'm struggling with now. I have a great friend who is putting the foundation on my babies this winter, but when it's my turn to get on them I need to find somebody who isn't going to treat me and my horses like a rent a car. I want to make the best opportunity for me and my horses but need a reputable trainer/ instructor to whip us into shape. When it comes to sacrifice i totally get that. I packed my life and 2 horses into a 16ft stock trailer and left the east coast to start a new life in oklahoma 7 years ago. Its been quite the journey not knowing anyone or anything around me, but definitely made me step up to the plate and fight harder for the dream i have. Also I remember the days of calling "pro com". If I can get to the point of entering at the pro level again I'm gonna be a deer in the headlights with online entries lolol thank you for this great opportunity to watch these videos! Gives us all hope to achieve what we set out to do.

Posted by Deleted (95535bb2) at 2021-12-08 04:43:05 UTC