ITS TIME TO START We begin again yes before the end of this year and the beginning of 2023. It’s time!!! The thoughts and actions of what we are heading toward in 2023. It all begins now. All the plan making, all the what am I going to work on and most importantly the horse!!! YES the horse! If it be barrels, cow work, trail rides, dressage and whatever else. The horse what ever (thing) you’ll be doing with this trusty stead the four legged friend who Carries us about on their back for work or pleasure. Ours not theirs. We need to remember we are asking (hopefully we are & not demanding) them to do x.y.or z. Through the reins. So, now we come to the part of Horsemanship that is the Reinsman. Yes not really talked about…was once. Through the handling of the reins we communicate our wishes wants or desires to our noble and admirable mounts. (They are so very deserving of grand words). We are so very lucky and blessed to have such a fine powerful and loyal companion. Yet back to the reins. It’s a matter of timing and feel. Let’s remember or keep this thought. How much does it really take for the horse’s mouth to feel something? Be it the movement of your rein hand off the saddle horn. Your not doing anything but moving your hand off the horn but they can feel that. Let that sink in a moment…. Now just because your horse or the horse you are riding doesn’t respond to that light of a signal. They still feel it. They just haven’t learned to!!! This (learned to) you can drill to Jesus Christ calls us home yet, (learning) has not happened. Learning how your horse learns (they are all different) is what you’ll have to do. Not might or should but, have to. Even if you bought one ready to run. You would have to know how they were trained and how to make em work to the horse’s full potential. To use at line from Ed Connell from his book Hackamore Reinsman pg 11 6th paragraph. The secret of making this kind of finished stock horse lies in the way the reins are handled. Something I’m learning well really trying to learn that part of this is the when. It’s just as important as being light handed. Which really means use your fingers. There’s your seat legs and feet to. Being light there to they feel you. Hope this changes minds and helps or is at least enjoyable to read. To our new year Kevin C

Posted by copelandk.gk1 at 2022-12-30 19:27:21 UTC