I’m re-reading the book Bits, Bitting and Spanish Horses by A.R. Rojas. The 2nd Chapter Spanish Horses on page 42 tells of the time that was taken to train the horses of the Spanish Riding School of Lippiza. The training was not complete till the animals 7th year, this after 4 years of training. This reminds me of Mr. Ronnie Clammpet and him saying 3 years to season a horse. The Portuguese who train horses for the bull ring take 4 years to complete the horses training. One thing to remember with the training being done for the bull ring and school at Lippiza battle on horse back is what the result is to be. As I look at my horse summer out the window her coat fury and muddy I would much rather be on her seeing how light I can get her to respond to rein seat leg and spur. I must heal 1st. So patience no reason or need to rush. It will happen when it happens. This is a good time to remember… I may want to work on neck reining and side passing then roll backs. Yet as I get a lead rope on Summer she’s decided she wants to go straight to fresh grass. So after a few gentle reminders I see it’s time to get a hold of her mind. So some backing and side passing along the fence come into play. Then I get her in the round pen she doesn’t want to lead up to the fence to be saddled and bitted up. Now it’s time for so tight circles with lots of direction changes. Till she’s ready to stand still. Possibly she doesn’t want to stand ground tied to be saddled ok then it will approach and retreat till she’s over it. Then saddled and bitted she won’t stand still to be mounted so then we work on that. Then she doesn’t want to stand still after mounting to be flexed. The point I am getting at is you may just get to work on everything else that leads to you plan for the day and never the plan you had or just part of the plan. I find/see or recognize working the horse/ working with the horse. That’s where the magic happens. I have to be patience and open minded to what my horse is showing me. Then adjust. I tend to get lucky and most often the the weather is cooler and windy when I get to have another day of training 3 horses in 1. Often I notice my mare is like that. Enjoy so more ramblings just because

Posted by copelandk.gk1 at 2023-01-02 19:06:30 UTC