How do you handle things in order to learn and grow? Went to my first RSOA ranch sorting, 39 teams and I went back to tip 10 leading it all. Was the only one to sort 9 head and did it in 57.43. I go in and had fits getting a #4 cow broke off. Long story short, it ran h before the #3. I got no timed for that. I was heart broken. But, I allowed myself to be disappointed only until I got to the gate to walk out. Told my gate holder thank you and I wanted #4 in my freezer. We all had a good laugh and said that we would get them next time. On the way home I focused on how good we did then processed what I did wrong. I know exactly what I did and will be sure to better focus, relax and not rush so much next time. Compete, allow only a tiny bit of disappointment time and then evaluate to improve. Keep working to be better than the day before. We are heading up a barrel race this weekend.

Posted by Deleted (ff634149) at 2023-01-03 21:20:00 UTC