Ed. Connell born 1900 in Livermore CA. In 1919 he was riding colts and learning all he could about making a reining horse. 1946 he’d put together a manuscript. The Hackamore Reinsman was printed in 1952. From this he states on foot position. When a horse is positioned it means he knows where to put his feet under him so he can stop and turn properly and easily. When turning with his front feet off the ground and he sets or slides, his hind feet have to be under him in a certain position so he can throw himself around and back the way he came or he will be off balance and cannot do it correctly. (Stay with me I know it’s not barrel racing) There is NOTHING that can be put on a horse’s head that will FORCE him to set, or slide, or turn properly unless he knows where to put his feet. If forced, it won’t take him long before he is stopping on all four feet with his head in the air, and turning on his front feet like a bottle. Hope this gets some of you involved with a mentor during the we.

Posted by copelandk.gk1 at 2023-01-05 20:06:34 UTC