Update for that video with the horse owner who “fully trained” her horse with treats: I sent her a lengthy and very respectful text saying what I thought, problems it’s caused, and the way to fix it. Long story short she is not bothered by any of the behaviors, so she never noticed it…… she said that she is totally willing to let me do my training and show her what the horse really has in him. She seems very upfront and told she is well aware that her “training” is not common and most people don’t “understand” it, which, ok, I’ll leave it there I won’t argue with anyone about that. But anyway she seems like she has an open mind about it and I am free to work with her horse as I see fit! I added a pic of the horse his name is McKinley, he is a Clydesdale Arabian cross

Posted by Grace at 2023-01-06 14:27:49 UTC