So last night another super awesome class hope you join tonight. When I tell you Wednesday night is a must for your horsemanship them that know…know.So much horse knowledge is going to be dropped you better bring pen and paper for notes. So you can use it later. I think the only area he’s not covered is which end the feed goes into. You got a behavior issue with your horse he has the answers. He’s even got answers you didn’t know you needed. I didn’t even know I was grinding away on my horse for nothing. He stated if you got that little bit of improvement, stop rub on em and get off. I started doing that. Holy flaming hot fries horse teaching and horse learning took off. In 12 minutes I could see there was improvement on something learned. 12 minutes something new taught was learned. Not perfect but, the try was happening. That’s a way big huge enormous difference than 2 hours later all frustrated. Come on it’s worth it

Posted by copelandk.gk1 at 2023-01-11 14:24:19 UTC