Haven’t posted in a long time on here because I haven’t had much to post about, horse training wise… BUT- Now I do! So we got a new foster horse, Ceilia, she’s about a year old, almost completely unhandled, and she is nearly blind in her left eye. She does still have an eye just it’s deformed and she can’t see out of it, but we think she can see shadows though. We got her on Saturday, March 4, 2023. She was absolutely horrified of everyone, but she has already come a long way, letting us catch her pretty easily from a small paddock, letting us brush her and pet her on her back and her neck (still a little face shy). That’s all we know about her at the minute but I’m definitely going to learn a lot more about her as I work with her. 💗

Posted by 1 buckskin & 3 roans at 2023-03-07 03:14:11 UTC