Here is a larger post on my first times riding My 3 year old bareback and an update on 64. So the day after Christmas (Sunday I think) I decided to get Hotty up to ride him. But I had and idea. I got in the round pen and walked him around a little. I put the lead rope around his neck and tied it to the other side. Then I managed to get on by the fence (bc I don’t have enough arm strength aka enough body strength for that crap). Afterwards I walked him around and started walking circles then trotted around a bit. But I didn’t try the outside since I only had a halter in and because he’s young he could spook easily and I could fall and get hurt- or he could get hurt which is worse. But today I rode him around outside of the round pen with a bridle and even loped a bit. 64 is doing pretty well bc he is big in fat but we are having problems on the first barrel which sucks but I’m hoping it’ll be good on Saturday this weekend because of the qualifier. He is very hairy and fat though and he honestly looked out of shape but he is all good. He loves to run around and play around. I’ve rode him hardback a few times since Christmas and he hasn’t been to bad and loves to run and do his little buck hop thing. The point is he’s fine lol Bye baddies 💅🏻 @KGV Equestrian I hope you get better! @deletedmember ..🤩 @Adrienne Alford 😈 @Laura mae ⚡️ @mickieallen09 🙌 @Stall High 🎄 @MandyG 💕

Posted by Deleted (b70f61c8) at 2021-12-28 03:48:55 UTC