prayers for my sweet tara beer she got stepped on by a horse yesterday and it broke her tibia i had just got out the woods from hunting at 8 am monday morning and my mom had turned the 4 inside dogs outside and my grandfathers horse pasture is in front of our house and mom heard the horses running and the dogs like to run and chase the horses and then 3 other dogs came in and then all the horses had there tails up in the air and trotting around acting crazy so my mom went out the front door and could not find tara and we thought the worst that she had done got picked up bc we have people that ride up and down our road stealing and throwing dogs out and then we thought that one of the horses had killed her or ran over here and she went away and laid down and then i went out to look at the arena while i was abt to take care of horses the truck was parked at the arena by were our horses go out the arena and i called and she started whinning and i couldn’t find out were i was so i looked down and i seen her she was trying to come to me scared and with a broker back leg couldn’t walk i ran over there and she laid down in my arms we rushed her to vet and she has a broken tibia done surgery monday afternoon at 4 is stable in kennal on ivs until in morning we get to go get our baby!! they had to put a pin in her leg to hold the 2 pieces together and then she will have to go back in surgery in 6 weeks and they will remove pin.

Posted by Deleted (f4bcb648) at 2022-02-01 17:44:13 UTC