In 2016 I had a wreck running barrels. I ended up with a broken clavicle, cracked ribs, and shattered my confidence with running barrels. I’ve held onto my horses since then and admired them from their stalls. I would ride occasionally but nothing like I used to. I watched @Kendra deliver her first digital clinic over building confidence. I’ll be honest the clinic was wonderful and I learned so much but my confidence was still broken. It was deeply rooted and I needed to be built back up daily. Since then she has started the Trainer a Day through the premium membership and I can feel the fire within me beginning to rekindle. I have been to the barn and spent more time in the saddle over the last month than I have since my wreck. She has developed a revolutionary new way of teaching about what it takes to be a champion and have fun along the journey. I know in my heart I wouldn’t be back to enjoying my horses without her and the team who meet every week night. It’s an investment for you and your horse.

Posted by MandyG at 2022-02-09 04:49:26 UTC