———————Wrangling My Heart——————— Meet my first rescue horse Wrangler!! My Aunt Cathryn found him at a kill pen and he was at his last remaining hours. They were “getting rid of him” in less then 10 hours so she decided to adopt him. He is a 17 year old appendix (quarter horse and thoroughbred) breed. He has a lip tattoo so he was probably a racer at some point! He’s so so sweet and he’s already friends with Slick! If he’s still with us when my truck gets fixed I’m going to maybe show him in horsemanship, showmanship, western pleasure, and ect. —————————Follow My friends—————— @deletedmember @I cant barrel race ————————Follow My Socials——————— Tik Toks KG_Vandiver KGV_Equestrian2005 Instagrams kg_vandiver kgv_equestrian kgv_vandiver ———————————-Ignore—————————— #wrangler #appendixhorse #quarterhorse #thouroughbred #offthetrack #kgv_equestrian equestrian #rescue #adopted #welcomehome ————————————————————————

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