———————————Jojo——————————— Jojo is a 12yr old Tennessee Walker gelding. He came from my cousin and we have no previous info on him such as bloodline and birthdate. When we got him years ago I was around 9 and really tiny. I couldn’t train him until now because he’s big and he knows it. I’m a lot stronger now and have slowly started working on manners with him. I’m trying to get him ready for gated classes. It’s a challenge for sure but I think I can do it! He really is a sweet boy that just needs manner training. He also needs a show name so recommend me some! I’m so close to just making it Big Sexy like my dad use to call him when we first got him😂. ———————————-Ignore—————————— #kgv_equestrian #jojo #tennessewalker #intraining #bigsexy #firsthorse

Posted by Deleted (0bca6bc2) at 2022-02-23 21:35:53 UTC