—————————Phin The Min———————— Phin is a 3yr old Mini. We got him from a friend of ours when she decided to get rid of him. He was 2 when we got him and this pic I’d when he first got here. He’s grown quite a bit since then. We didn’t get any paperwork with him other then coggins so I don’t know who his damn and sire are. His birthday is in May and he turned 3 this year. He’s so so sweet and learned so much already. I’m teaching him to be halter class pony. And I may train him for carting when I get a cart. I’m taking him to his first show in January so let’s hope that goes well!! He’s super super sweet and I’m so excited to see how much he can learn. ————————Follow My Socials——————— Tik Toks KG_Vandiver KGV_Equestrian2005 Instagrams kg_vandiver kgv_equestrian kgv_vandiver ———————————-Ignore—————————— #Phinthemin #kgvequestrian #phineus #3yearold #justababy ————————————————————————

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