———————Wrangling My Heart——————— Meet my first rescue horse Wrangler!! My Aunt Cathryn found him at a kill pen and he was at his last remaining hours. They were “getting rid of him” in less then 10 hours so she decided to adopt him. He is a 17 year old appendix (quarter horse and thoroughbred) breed. He has a lip tattoo so he was probably a racer at some point! He’s so so sweet and he’s already apart of the family!! ————————Follow My Socials——————— Tik Toks KG_Vandiver KGV_Equestrian2005 Instagrams kg_vandiver kgv_equestrian kgv_vandiver ———————————-Ignore—————————— #wrangler #appendixhorse #quarterhorse #thouroughbred #offthetrack #kgv_equestrian equestrian #rescue #adopted #welcomehome ————————————————————————

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